Data Recovery Pricing

We believe data recovery should be available to everyone which is why we provide a set price model at reasonable prices, whilst maintaining the highest level of technical ability.

Standard, Advanced or Advanced Plus?

Sending the drive to us for recovery is agreeing the standard charge, if we can recover the data under this service, we will proceed straight away and without delay. If an Advanced or Advanced Plus service is required we will provide our findings and seek your approval before proceeding. At this point you can agree and we will continue the recovery process, or you can decline with only the applicable carriage charges to pay.

Prices (Including VAT)

(RAID, CCTV and Forensic work is quoted on a per job basis and would need to be discussed in advance with one of the Lazarus team)

Fixed recovery prices

Rig based recovery using bespoke tools. (For all capacities)
Extended engineering, microsoldering, firmware, board changes, and head work without donor. (For all capacities)
Advanced Plus
Head work with donor components and chip level recoveries (For capacities up to 4TB)
Advanced Plus HC
Head work with donor components and chip level recoveries (For capacities over 4TB)

Conditional charges

These charges will only apply under the relevant circumstances.

Inbound carriage - DPD direct collection
Inbound carriage - DPD drop-off location
Inbound carriage - Drop of at Lazarus or own courier
Outbound carriage - DPD direct delivery
Outbound carriage - DPD drop-off location
Outbound carriage - Pickup at Lazarus or own courier
Secure destroy after recovery attempt at Lazarus with certificate
Non-refundable charge for tampered and opened drives

Optional media prices

You can provide us with your own media to recover your data to, providing it is new or has been wiped of all data. Alternatively you can purchase media directly from us.

1TB External HDD encrypted
2TB External HDD encrypted
4TB External HDD encrypted