Data Recovery FAQ's

Devices covered

We recover data from internal and external single hard drives, solid state devices, Mobile Phones, Tablets, USB devices, SD Cards, Micro SD, RAID, Multiple Disk Arrays running any Operating System.

The Lazarus Quality Guarantee

Once you have accepted the Standard, Advanced or Advanced Plus service, we will work to recover the maximum amount of data. If our engineers are unable to recover all of your data , we will advise how much data we have successfully recovered and email you a file listing of the recovered files and ask you to decide if you want to accept a “partial “ recovery . If you do not wish to proceed, we will return your original device at no recovery cost. Data is considered as all user files (such as documents, photos, videos and music), but excludes system files such as software programs and operating systems.

Free data recovery evaluation and quote

Q: How do I request a free evaluation?

A: Fill in and submit our booking form to the best of your knowledge. You will receive an order confirmation email with your unique order number and a shipping label. See ‘Preparing your device for shipment’ below for details about how to proceed once you've booked your order.

Q: How long does the initial evaluation take?

A: Once we receive your device, our free evaluation will normally take a maximum of four business days.

Q: What is the difference between Standard, Advanced Recovery and Advanced Plus?

A: Standard Recoveries overcome less complex data loss cases such as deleted data, simple drive formats and other software-based issues that stop a drive being accessed. An Advanced Recovery is needed when a drive has physically failed, or when logical data structures are badly damaged and require manual repair. An Advanced Plus recovery is required when we need to source spare parts or donor components to attempt the recovery.

Q: Do I have to choose which service I want?

A: No. Our technicians will determine whether your device requires the Standard, Advanced or Advanced Plus data recovery service following evaluation. The cost will either be a fixed £120 for the Standard service, fixed £250 for the Advanced Service or fixed £325 for the Advanced Plus service. You can provide your own external drive for the recovered data (Providing it is a new boxed USB 3.0 device), have a new external drive sent to us directly from a retailer or you can buy one directly from Lazarus. See our recovery media pricing for more details.

Q: Do your prices depend on the capacity of the drive to be recovered?

A: No. However, for RAID or Multiple Hard Drive Arrays , the recovery charge will be applied to each individual drive

Q: Are there any costs to me for the free evaluation process?

A: No

Preparing your device for shipment

Q: How do I package my device?

A: Hard drives and most other data-bearing devices are delicate, and care must be taken when packaging them to minimise the potential for damage during transit and give the best chance of recovery. Please package your device securely in a strong undamaged cardboard box allowing for a couple of inches minimum of firm padding e.g. foam or bubble wrap around all sides.

Important: If you are sending a small device such as a USB stick or memory card, for extra security please package in a box - DO NOT use an envelope.

Q: I'm using your free shipping, what do I need to do?

A: If you chose our free DPD shipping option during booking you would have received a shipping label attached to your order confirmation email. Package your device and attach the label securely to the box. Take your parcel to any DPD drop-off location that is convenient, the label will display those nearest your postcode or you can find one using the DPD website.

Q: Can I send my device via Royal Mail or a different courier to the free one that you offer?

A: Yes, of course you can. Just bear in mind you will need to arrange and pay for this yourself. Please ensure you quote your unique order number somewhere on or in your parcel. See below for our postal address when sending yourself.

Q: Can I drop off my device in person?

A: Yes, see our lab address below.

Lazarus Data Recovery
Unit 2a
Church Farm

Q: How do I remove my hard drive from my computer?

A: If you have a laptop and are unable to remove the hard drive, you can send us your machine and we will remove the drive upon arrival at no extra charge.

Data recovery

Q: How long will the recovery take?

A: The recovery time will depend on the severity of the data loss. Especially if your recovery falls under the Advanced category, it will require additional work such as opening the drive and replacing the faulty parts. For Advanced recoveries please allow up to 30 days. Standard recoveries are usually completed within 5 working days.

Q: Do you offer express recovery options?

A: We treat each data recovery received as a priority.

Q: When / how will I hear from you?

A: You will receive an sms text message to tell you that your device has been collected from the drop-off point , then again to tell you it has arrived at the Lab, if we need to contact you we will do this by text or email or phone. Once the recovery is complete and payment received you will receive an SMS message to tell you it has left the Lab and another to tell you that it is ready to collect from the pick-up point. You can also go online and use the chat facility on the website .

Q: Can I track my order?

A: You can track your order via our online tracking page. When you book your recovery you will be provided with access credentials.

Q: My hard drive has already been to another data recovery company, does this matter?

A: It depends. If the internal hard disk has been opended by someone else this could reduce the chance of a successful recovery if internal components have been tampered with or dust has entered the unit. In this instance we do charge a non-refundable £50.

Q: How will I get my data back?

A: We will copy all your recovered data onto an encrypted external drive in the format of your choice (Windows or Mac, chosen during booking) and ship it to you by tracked courier once the recovery is complete and we have received payment. The password to decrypt your data will be emailed automatically to you once your data has been delivered back to you.

Q: Can I send my own external drive for the recovered data, instead of purchasing one from you?

A: Yes, provided the drive you send us is a new (boxed) USB 3.0 external hard drive with sufficient capacity for all the data on the drive you sent us for recovery. We regret that we cannot accept slower (USB 2.0 or lower) or used drives. Also we do not accept media with data already written to it as we need to encrypt the device for return transit.

Q: Do you also send back my failed device as well as my data?

A: Yes, your original device will automatically be returned along with any data recovered. You can choose however for us to securely dispose of your device and produce a certificate of destruction at no extra cost. Details are available on request.

Q: What happens if you can’t get any data back?

A: An inconvenient truth in our industry is that some cases are so severe that data recovery is not possible. It all comes down to device type, failure type and the severity of the failure. If data cannot be recovered we will make no charge for the attempt. There will be a charge for return postage or alternatively we can securely dispose of your device for free.

Other matters

Q: Will you repair my drive?

A: We repair it in order to recover the data but this is only a temporary fix and any device that has been through a data recovery process should never be used again.

Q: What’s your success rate?

A: Based on the last 12 months our success rate for Standard Recoveries is approximately 95% and for the Advanced Recoveries 75-80%.

Q: Why do we cost less than other Data Recovery companies?

A: We pride ourselves on providing an affordable fixed pricing structure for home users, we achieve this through volume orders.

Q: I have a question that's not listed here, how can I get help?

A: If you have any questions or comments about our services or an order you have with us, you can:

If you are contacting us regarding an order it would help us to have your order number to hand.