Tablet/iPad Data Recovery

Recovering data from Tablets/iPads

Android Tablets and Apple iPads are devices used regularly in our daily lives. Their ease of use, quick boot times and portability means we take them everywhere and we are becoming more reliant on them over PC's and Laptops. Tablet technology is becoming more reliable, but as with all portable devices they are prone to accidental damage, hardware and software failure.

Reasons for data recovery

With Tablets and iPads the main cause of damage is smashed screens, failure to power up and other internal hardware failures. Software issues can also occur and lead to data loss. We also frequently see tablet recoveries where files have been accidentally deleted.

How we can help get your data back

Our experienced data recovery team will assess your tablet or iPad to determine the fault or issue. If we can fix it under the standard data recovery service we will go ahead immediately, if the device requires an Advanced or Advanced Plus service we will contact you for approval before proceeding. So if you want your lost photos, videos, music or data back, just complete our online booking form now.