RAID/Server Data Recovery

Recovering data from RAID/Server

Raid is a configuration of hard drives mainly found in servers, but more recently in PC's and USB backup devices. It offers increased performance and reliability of data storage and processing. Most servers that support business needs will use RAID in a 'striping' or 'mirroring' configuration. Our experienced team has been recovering mission critical data from servers for many years and know how important it is to both business and personal users.

Reasons for data recovery

Hard drive RAID configuration are designed to continue working even if one (and often more) of the drives are at fault. Whilst RAID offers good redundancy measures, multiple drives can fail, other hardware faults can occur and software issues can also contribute to a failure.

How we can help get your data back

We have significant experience working on server data recoveries and RAID based systems. We realise the importance of getting your mission critical data back quickly and cost effectively. If you need further advice do not hesitate to contact our support team. RAID data recoveries are charged on a per drive basis.