PC & iMac Data Recovery

Recovering data from Desktop PCs & iMacs

Desktop PC's and iMacs are less prone to physical damage than laptops and external hard drives, unfortunately things do still go wrong. The hard drive itself is protected by the computer's casing, but other factors can still lead to data loss. Attempting to recover the data yourself using third party data recovery software may mean the data becomes permanently lost. Even removing the hard drive from the computer may lead to damage of the electronic components.

Reasons for data recovery

Your data loss may be caused by deleted files, hardware failure or through software issues or corruption. Lazarus data recovery have experience recovering from all types of file loss situations, including viruses, OS (Operating System) failures, the system fails to boot, windows will not load or the device won't power up. Along with numerous other hardware problems directly related to the hard disk or other components on the PC. We have seen them all and are ready to get your data back.

How we can help get your data back

Turn off your computer or iMac as soon as you encounter a problem and do not attempt switch it back on. It's always best to be safe in these situations and doing this maintains the highest chance of recovery and prevents further data loss from occurring. You don't even need to remove the hard drive from the device, just send the whole unit to us.