Laptop Data Recovery

Recovering data from Laptops and MacBook's

Laptops are used daily in our business and personal lives and because they are portable in nature are more susceptible to damage than their desktop computer counterparts. Whilst we recover data from numerous devices, including mobile phones, USB devices, PCs, Tablets and many more, data recoveries on laptops make up nearly 50% of our work.

Reasons for data recovery

We regularly receive laptops and MacBook's with impact damage where they have been dropped, smashed screens, water damage and faulty power supplies. Often the laptop will not boot or the data is simply inaccessible or corrupt. Sometimes it is just a case that files have been deleted.

How we can help get your data back

At Lazarus Data Recovery we have over 30 years’ experience recovering data from the very early models right up to the latest laptops and Macbook's, so rest assured your lost data is only a temporary problem.