Hard Drive Data Recovery

Recovering data from External Hard Drives

External Hard Drives are a cost effective way of increasing your storage capacity. They also provide a convenient way of transporting a large amount of data. This portability unfortunately means that they can easily get damaged. Whilst they are often well protected in an external case, the hard disk drive inside is still vulnerable to impact damage and other trauma, especially if the device is powered on when an incident occurs. It is quite common that the hard drive is making a clicking noise.

Reasons for data recovery

Commonly damage occurs to the disk platters and heads inside the hard drive, there could be an electronic fault on the internal circuit boards or maybe data is corrupted or lost when files are deleted or your operating system is updated.

How we can help get your data back

The most important thing is to stop using your external hard drive or computer straight away and do not attempt to recover the files using downloaded software. This can often make the problem worse and may mean your data is permanently lost.

All of our staff have been working in the data recovery industry for many years. Our expertise in this field is relied upon by major high street retailers, Banks, Government Institutions and agencies, manufacturers and end users.