Data Recovery Customer Reviews

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- BJ

8 years of family photos and videos recovered from a damaged external hard drive, collected on Thursday returned on the following Tuesday.

Amazingly fast service, for less than half the multiple £300+ quotes we had received from other recovery companies.

Extremely helpful in terms of organising collection in the middle of lockdown, great follow up after the drive and data were returned.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Lazarus for their courtesy and competence.

- AG

Thank you so much!!! What a fantastic service. My hard drive suddenly stopped working with 7 years of precious photos and memories. Numerous local PC people had looked at it and all advised the same - that it would need to go to a data recovery lab to have a chance of being recovered. Lazarus were by far the most reasonable quote even at the worst case scenario price. I was still sceptical despite reading many good reviews as I had been scared of reading about scams etc. I decided it was worth the risk as they won’t take payment until they’ve recovered your files. I honestly cannot fault the service. They quickly arranged a courier to collect the hard drive and kept me informed at each stage. My hard drive required advanced recovery which I was fully prepared for (although didn’t require a new head which was a pleasant surprise.) They found all but 9 of 22,000 photos. The service was quick, professional and so reasonable at £225 + the cost of a new hard drive. Absolutely amazing. Thank you again for restoring all of my photos

- SB

Great service and prices. Kept notified every step of the way. Will definately use again in future. Recommended.

- DG

Looking online you will find 100s of companies offering data recovery and every single company promises you that they will recover your data with no issues.

30 seconds into my telephone call with Lazarus I knew that I would send ths SSD to them. Not only are their prices the best out there (also they don't charge if they can't recover) but they didn't even attempt to promise me a 100% fix (that is some confidence to worried computer users).

I could go on and on about the importance of data recovery and horror stories of how other companies "attempt to fix it" for more than a months salary. But honestly its easier to just say go with Lazarus.

If you ever question this I would gladly 100 times over speak to you and tell you to go with them. They recovery 1000s of pictures of my grandmother and other family events that would be completely lost otherwise.

- MC

I would like to say a massive thank you to John and the team. Our treasured picture memories were retrieved from an a damaged external hard drive device. Years of great times that we thought were lost.We are so grateful and cannot recommend Lazarus enough. Professional service from start to finish!

- JW

Completely lost all access to all data on my hard drive which was a disaster! Lazarus were brilliant. Totally upfront about costs. Kept me up to date throughout the recovery process and most importantly of all, recovered the most precious folders and files! Can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you Lazarus.

- AD

What a great team with an honest and reasonable pricing policy. Have used twice over the years never lost a precious photo yet. Keep up the good work.

- IM

I dropped my phone and lost the last pictures of my Dad before he passed away. Lazarus got nearly all my images back recently, and as my Mum has just passed away they are even more special as there were pictures of Mum and Dad together too. Not enough words to express my thanks to you guys xx

- GW

I thought I had lost 15 years of family photos from my MacBook hard drive. Computer wasn’t booting and wife was not happy! Lazarus recovered the drive and it was back to me in a few days. Highly recommended.

- JS

Found these people on line and chose on reviews and price. I had quotes for between £200 and £400 to recover some data from a drive that I could not get to show in Windows or DOS. Lazarus were much better value so I gave them a try, especially as they don't charge if they can't get the data back.

Process was really simple, dropped the drive at a local parcel handler, I was emailed at every stage, then got a call from them explaining what had been found, explaining the way forward. I got the drive back, all the data was on a USB drive I had sent (and it was password protected), all within a week.

This company does what it says it will do, effectively and with great communication, all at a great price, I will be using them again.

- JW

Never before got to the point where I needed data from a hard disk that wouldn’t even power up, so feared the worst. However, after searching the internet for a recovery option that wasn’t going to break the bank, I’m very glad that I selected Lazarus. Not only did I get all data recovered, but the service was quick and kept well informed throughout the process. Highly recommend to anyone who needs their data back from a disaster situation.

- SR

Brilliant job by Lazurus. Dropped my external drive with nearly 2TB of music on it which I use as a radio presenter. Even more disastrous when I realised I'd cocked up the back up! Sent to a local "specialist". Gone 6 months and then "we can't do anything" As a last resort, a colleague suggested Lazarus. If you take the lockdown out, it's probably taken about two months and that includes sourcing new heads and me sending a new 4TB disc for them to restore to. They managed to get me back about 85% of my original data and it would have probably been 100% if the "specialists" hadn't got to it before. Excellent job and well worth the wait

- LP

Very professional service from start to finish. Recovered all my data from Mac HD, including around 10,000 photos, that I had previously been advised was not recoverable. Whole process took less than a week, and done under a standard recovery price. 5 star service. Highly recommended.

- EO

Outstanding service from this company. John Hyde delivered exactly what he said he would. No hidden agenda. Listened to what my needs were and simply got on with it. Highly recommend this company for all your data recovery needs.

- NP

These guys are amazing, fantastic service, great communication, they let me know what they could do and when they could get it done. I tried an other company who where total cowboys, Lazarus said how much it would cost which was cheaper than the cowboys and that's what i paid. Get to see a company in this space that are honest and reliable, would highly recommend.

- PH

Help when you need it with lost data. 100% honest. Recover data where other companies say not possible. Lazarus are very respectful and friendly.

- BS

Did some research a while back on recover firms and sent off my drive to a specialist in London (who I won't name) that ended up giving me a quote for £450 to recover data from an external drive that failed to start.

Left it, and did some more Googling and came to a company called Lazarus Data Recovery who after a free inspection quoted me £250 after I sent the drive in, and within 4 days I had the drive back on my desk with ALL files available! They are fastest, cheapest, and nicest company I have dealt with for this sort of thing and couldn't recommend them highly enough.

If you need them for personal or business purposes you won't be let down, great bunch of guys who genuinely want to help.

Shame there are so few of these types of businesses left these days, others could learn from them!

- KB

Highly recommend Lazarus Data Recovery! They managed to recover all the data from our computer hard drive that had failed and corrupted quickly and without complication. We are so pleased and grateful as we have got back years of work and a decade of family photos. Lesson learned for us to back up work and photos in the future, however good news for us that it was not all lost.

- JB

Had two hdd's in a very very poor condition and Lazarus Data Recovery managed to get a significant amount of data recovered! From the start it was all great. There live chat was very helpful and answered all my concerns. The hdd's were picked up next day by DPD (big plus there, convienent knowing your timeslot), and from then on was kept upto date on what was happening. Once recovered, it was delivered the next day! Would reccomend to anyone!

- M

Brilliant both times we've used them, and very reasonably priced given the competition. Highly recommended.

- JG

Absolutely excellent service, seamless process, collection from your home address, quick and easy payment via PayPal. On top of the great service they were over £500 cheaper than a national data recovery firm. Highly recommended.

- A

Do you know that feeling when you choose something and you just know it's the best choice you could have possibly made? Lazarus is exactly that - the best decision you can make when faced with an unfortunate situation. You're basically ordering the most amazing dish at a restaurant you'd rather not be at in the first place.

They managed to recover the most important files from the past 6 years of my life, when I thought I would never get to see the photos again./

It took a little over a week for an Advanced recovery and I was able to track everything online. Lazarus was clear, friendly, accommodating, professional, proactive, and basically offered a flawless service from start to finish. As a non native speaker I get nervous calling up companies so it's important to mention how nice and patient John was - I'm really grateful for that - and the emails from Laura were just as pleasant.

The price looks unbeatable, especially considering the technology they use (and the gorgeous Dutch barn where the lucky broken hard drives get to spend some time). I probably won't be living in the UK for much longer but should this happen to me again, I would absolutely go out of my way to get this team to work on my drive or whatever I manage to mess up next. Thank you!

- CS

Thanks to Lazarus Data Recovery for recovering files from an old external hard drive that hadn't worked in years. Very impressed with the level of service I received. Would definitely use again / recommend to others.

- JF

Highly recommend this company, they saved my lost data, kept me informed of the process and potential costs, also due to lockdown they couriered my data dirext to my house. Very impressed by this service!

- GC

Flawless service - John and his team managed to recover my data and kept me updated all the way through the process. This alone would deserve a five stars review, but on top of this, their prices are very reasonable.

Hopefully I won't be needing a data recovery service any time soon, but if I do, I'll be sure to use them.

- AD

Great recovery service, John and the team have got me out of trouble with 2 hard drive failures. Both times price reasonable and service and communication fantastic. A life saving business !!!!

- PT

Excellent service all round. Clear, honest communications. Great value. Cannot recommend highly enough.

- SR

After searching the Internet for data recovery company's, Lazarus was the only company I found that offered a fair, clear and transparent data recovery service. All of the the other companies listed on Google were very unclear especially when it came round to pricing, some take advantage of this ambiguity and after analysis they often quote very expensive prices for data recovery, some often charge in excess of £400.

Lazarus managed to successfully recover most of the data on my HDD hard drive, I required a advanced recovery as my hard drive had taken some damage and was not being recognised by my PC. I found Lazarus to be very professional, responsive and transparent. They dealt with my recovery very quickly and I am very happy with the service they provided and would highly recommend them. Like I said they are the only company I found who offered, clear, transparent and standard prices for data recovery, £100 for a basic recover and £250 for an advanced recovery, and in the event your data could not be recovered you would not be charged.

There prices and service cannot be matched by some of the biggest data recovery companies. Overall I would highly recommend Lazarus Data Recovery.

- JS

Found these people on line and chose on reviews and price. I had quotes for between £200 and £400 to recover some data from a drive that I could not get to show in Windows or DOS. Lazarus were much better value so I gave them a try, especially as they don't charge if they can't get the data back.

Process was really simple, dropped the drive at a local parcel handler, I was emailed at every stage, then got a call from them explaining what had been found, explaining the way forward. I got the drive back, all the data was on a USB drive I had sent (and it was password protected), all within a week.

This company does what it says it will do, effectively and with great communication, all at a great price, I will be using them again.

- SR

I dropped my external drive that had nearly 50000 tracks on it - disaster! I took it to a local "specialist" who had it for 6 months and then pronounced it unrepairable. As a last hope, a friend recommended Lazarus Data Recovery. I sent it in February and have just had it back July - with COVID in between that wasn't bad at all. They managed to get about 90% of the data back and would probably have rescued the lot if I hadn't sent it to another "specialist" before. Well priced and a great service and I would recommend them most highly.

- AA

Like marriage, not having multiple copies of your data is a mistake you're only liable to make once in your life, and so data recovery companies, like wedding planning companies, squeeze your misfortune for all its worth! You begin your search to find prices that range from the exorbitant to the extortionist. Prices with no ceiling, so you might end up getting billed in the thousands. You search for reviews, and you find so many horror stories, for every single company out there.

Not so with lazarus. The only company I could find with not a single bad review, and clear fixed price plans. So my search ended swiftly with them. When you contact them, it's evident that you're dealing with real people, not salespeople, who care about recovering your data. When they charged me, they forgot to add the postal cost (I live overseas) and so they picked up the bill. What other company would do that? This is the equivalent of a mom and pop shop, but online. And all my data was recovered! 5*

- MP

Great job in recovering all my data!.I am so happy to have all my information back.Thanks

- PR

Fantastic service. It’s not often you use a company that is just outstanding in everyway. It was so fast, they picked up and delivered my drive from my house. They kept me informed the whole way through. They managed to recover everything. The price was very reasonable.

- PF

As a computer repair company I have always had reservations about sending customers hard drives to another company to recover their data, however Lazarus's "Sealed box courier service" finally persuaded me to give them a try. I sent them 2 Drives that I suspected had been setup as a raid array, I also included another drive for them to save the restored data on to. Within a week I received them back with all data restored at a very reasonable price. Excellent service, I look forward to using them again. Patrick, Wellingborough Computer Repairs.

- MN

Superb service with Lazarus! I had a hard drive with many years of data on it. I cut the power as I was troubleshooting my hard drive as it was coming to the end of it's life and sadly it wasn't being detected and my computer advised me to format the disk. I decided to contact Lazarus for a chance to retrieve this data and it was a really convenient service from sending it off to retrieving the data. It was an advanced recovery and took around 2 weeks to be fixed. Was updated at every stage by the amazing customer service who answered any questions I had in the process swiftly. Overall it was a pleasant experience and would 100% recommend to anyone who is at loss of their data.

- AD

Great recovery service, John and the team have got me out of trouble with 2 hard drive failures. Both times price reasonable and service and communication fantastic. A life saving business !!!!

- RF

My hard drive started to malfunction, I was unable to copy over my precious data. I searched the internet amongst the many available firms promising recovery, yet with little information on their exact cost structure. Lazarus had good feedback, a clear and reasonable cost structure, and John replied to my enquiry emails very promptly. So I went with them, took my drive well packed to a DPD depot, and postage was taken care of. My hard drive was making a clicking noise, usually indicative of expensive work for recovery according to the few emails I sent to different firms. I also chose Lazarus because their more advanced recovery package had a reasonable price compared to competitors. But Lazarus was able to actually recover my data on their cheapest standard plan, and I had the data back in less than a week tops. Very thankful for their professionalism, excellent service and affordable rates.

- TC

Excellent. I had neglected to back-up my main storage drive for about 3 years and when the drive heads crashed I stood to lose everything. My first concern was being ripped off so I researched companies and reviews for about 2 weeks before I chose Lazarus, the fixed price and the promise of no charge if they couldn't recover the data was what gave me peace of mind. I had around 300,000 files I needed saved, and they did save the overwhelming majority of it, what couldn't be saved (only about 200 files) was listed in a document, so it's been easy to find or rework things that were unrecoverable. Communications were excellent, and I was even given advice on RAID setups to prevent this happening again, which I thought was very decent of them since this is their business. No hidden costs; no fix no fee; free postage; polite; friendly; efficient and helpful, what's not to like? Hopefully I won't need to recover data again but in the event I do I will have no hesitation using Lazarus.

- DS

This business provides a first-class level of service - efficient, polite and the quality of the result was better than I had ever hoped. The job was completed in a reasonable time and the level of updates on progress on the job was exceptional. I cannot recommend this company more highly. Thank you!

- PR

I would like to thank the staff at Lazarus for getting all 1TB of my data recovered from my broken external hard drive. I hadn't kept up to date with my additional backing up and had a huge amount of work stored no where else. I have a hobby making mods for racing games and if they had not been successful I would have lost hundreds of hour worth of work - permanently! Thank you so much. At £180 plus the price of a new hard drive this was much cheaper than all the other quotes I got. Good job. I recommend them fully.

- CC

I've used Lazarus now over a doazen times, very succesfully too. Can't recommend them highly enough. Within our IT department even we defer to data recovery from Lazarus and know that as soon as a drive is faulty, don't mess with it just get it to the team asap. We have very happy scientists and students who thought weeks, months of work could be lost. It doesn't matter how often you tell people not to store stuff locally they always know best. M2 drive, SSD's and SD cards have all been recovered.

- M

A truely remarkable company, they never gave up with a difficult situation. They definately went the extra mile to get the software required for my issue. Other companies would have given up but thanks to Lazarus all my data was recovered. I will be recommending them to friends who have any issues in the future.