Data Recovery Process

Step 1
Data Recovery Process Step 1

Book & Send

Step 2
Data Recovery Process Step 2


Step 3
Data Recovery Process Step 3

Data Recovery

Step 4
Data Recovery Process Step 4

Return your data

Step 1 - Book & Send

Data Recovery - Book and Send

Book online

Complete the online recovery form. This should take under 5 minutes and will get your data recovery underway.

You can choose to:

  • Send it to us through one of over 2800 drop off locations in the UK.
  • We can collect from you with our secure tote collection service.
  • You can ship to us via your own chosen courier.

Send your device

If you choose one of our drop off locations we will provide a label for you to print and attach to the box, it couldn't be simpler.

Ensure that you package your device well, so that no damage occurs during transit. We've even provided some hints and tips for you.

Details of our tote collection service are given when you select this option during the booking process.

Track progress

Once your data recovery is booked, you can track it throughout the recovery process via the Lazarus online tracking page. We will provide SMS and email updates at key stages in the process.

If you have any questions during the process, we're always here to help.

Step 2 - Evaluation

Data Recovery - Evaluation

On receipt

On receipt we will send you an SMS message or email to confirm that we have received your item.

Your device will usually then be assessed the same day by one of our data recovery engineers.


Sending the data recovery to us is agreeing the Standard recovery charge. We will proceed to recover the data if we can under this service. If the device requires the Advanced or Advanced Plus service, we will provide the details and which service is required. We will require your confirmation by email to proceed, if you do not want to proceed then we can call time, return the device, and you only pay the carriage charge

Step 3 - Data recovery

Data Recovery - Recovering your data

Your data recovered

If your recovery only requires our standard service or we get your go ahead for the advanced or advanced plus, your data will then be recovered by one of our experienced data recovery technicians.

Advanced methods

In the event of an advanced or advanced plus recovery, the process may take a little longer. It is commercially in our interest to be successful and as quickly as possible, however turnaround times can be dependent on donor parts supply and how quickly we can access the data.

Recovery complete

Once the data has been recovered it will be copied onto an encrypted external USB hard drive ready for return to you. A secure copy of your data will be held on-site for 30 days, and then securely purged.

Step 4 - Return your data

Data Recovery - Returning your data

Ready for return

When your data recovery is complete and ready for shipping, we will send you an SMS or email to let you know.

We just need to take payment and then your data will be on its way back to you.


Simply go to the order tracking page and you will be given a link to pay for the recovery.

We use Natwest TYL card payment system via the portal, or bank transfer to take payments.

Data returned

When payment has been confirmed your device and your recovered data will be returned to your selected drop off location. The encryption password will be emailed automatically on delivery.

Causes of data loss

If your device is affected by any of the following issues, we suggest that you leave it switched off and contact us immediately.

Any attempt to recovery data without professional expertise may result in further data lost.

  • Computer will not start up
  • Unusual Noise / Head Failure
  • Power Surge / Outage
  • Virus/Spyware
  • Impact Trauma
  • Fire or Water Damage
  • Deleted Files