Hard Drive Clicking

About this fault

If your hard drive is making a clicking noise this may indicate that a serious fault has occurred and data recovery may be required. Your laptop or PC may not boot or it could be running incredibly slowly. You will almost certainly have problems accessing your data.

The root cause of this problem can be mechanical, electrical or firmware related and should only be investigated by a data recovery professional. Attempts to resolve this fault without the right tools or experience can make the problem worse.

Quite often the fault is related to the head assembly or disk platters. Just removing the hard disk cover can be enough to cause irreparable damage. Our data recovery lab has clean room facilities that allow us to safely undertake a recovery that involves opening the drive. Our facilities and highly experienced engineers, means you have the best chance of a good recovery with us.

Action you can take

For the best chance of a successful data recovery you should switch your device off immediately and do not attempt to use it again. Powering the device back on or attempting to fix the problem yourself could result in more or permanent data loss.

Never attempt to open the hard drive or tamper with any electronic components. This could seriously affect the outcome of your data recovery.

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