Data Recovery Question

Where can I get data recovery?

Data recovery services are usually performed in dedicated and secure labs. These labs use the latest professional data recovery software and hardware, and have clear filtered air facilities for environment sensitive engineering work.

You don't necessarily have to opt for a local provider as many data recovery companies will offer flexible shipping and delivery options.

Some high-street retailers offer data recovery services. Your device will usually be recovered off-site at a centralised location and will not be done in-store while you wait.

Some small IT shops do offer data recovery, but it is worth asking about the facilities they use. Some of these shops have a partnership with a professional data recovery company, others will attempt the recovery themselves in-store with limited tools and experience. These small shops may not have the experience, equipment or correct environment to safely recover data and risk making the problem worse. It's worth checking how your data recovery will be handled.

Do some research online to assess your best options and speak to the company first to make sure you are satisfied with the data recovery service they offer. This useful article may help you to research and choose a data recovery specialist.

Remember that coming at the top of search engine results doesn't necessarily make a great company or service provider. It may just mean that they have a huge advertising budget.

Be aware that most data recovery companies have one main data recovery lab. Companies with multiple locations may just be offering a reception drop off/pick up service at these addresses.