Improve you disaster recovery plan

Improve your disaster recovery plan

Most modern businesses will have some sort of disaster recovery plan in place. It just makes sense to protect the success, reputation and finances of the company and to maintain good customer service. With increasing reliance on IT hardware and software infrastructure, businesses have to plan for the worst case scenario, increasingly some insurance companies require a guarantee of business continuity.

It is accepted that information assets are a critical and invaluable backbone of a business, so when things do go wrong a solid recovery strategy can make all the difference. Most recovery plans include local and cloud back-ups for data and a solid process for the restoration of service, but there are situations where this may not be enough or where certain aspects fail. With more companies now embracing remote working there is new potential for data loss scenarios.

Listed below are some factors that may influence the effectiveness of a disaster recovery plan.

  • Smaller businesses may not have invested in a cloud back-up solution.
  • On site backups are not always configured correctly.
  • A less regular data backup strategy could still miss critical data.
  • Remote users working on local data may not be part of the back-up strategy.

Businesses information is not only held on site and in the cloud, but often on the laptops and computers of remote workers and on phones and tablets of mobile/field staff. With so much data on the move it is more than credible that data loss incidents will occur at some point. These incidents may not be mission critical or even considered a disaster, but there is still great potential for disruption.

Having a data recovery service as part of an overall disaster recovery plan or maintenance contract will act as additional assurance. It may also prove more cost effective when smaller data loss events occur. Even with a great disaster recovery plan in place things still can and do go wrong.

With Lazarus Data Recovery there is no cost associated with including us in your disaster recovery plan. So be prepared for all worse case scenarios. If you think our data recovery service is suitable then feel free to join our partner program or give us a call to learn more about what we offer.