Data Recovery Question

Can a clicking hard drive be fixed?

Potentially yes. It all depends on the type of fault that is causing the clicking noise.

In terms of data recovery the hard drive would only be fixed to point of enabling retrieval of the data from the disk platters. It is unlikely that the disk would be suitable or reliable for use going forward. Most data recovery services will only fix the drive so that they can recover the data to a new device.

There are numerous causes of a clicking hard drive including:

  • Head crash or platter damage
  • Powers issues
  • Read/Write head issues
  • Damaged PCB
  • Issues in the Service area of the disk
  • Manufacturing issues

If you hear a clicking noise the most important thing is to stop using the device immediately and contact a data recovery specialist. If you continue to use it the underlying problem may get worst and could even lead to unrecoverable data loss.

The chance of data recovery from a clicking hard drive depend entirely on the severity of the fault/damage. Modern data recovery tools and techniques have drastically improved the success rate.

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